Friday, April 6, 2007


Everything about today was stimulating. At breakfast they had fruit, and after a pear and 2 apples, my taste buds were well stimulated. We then drove to the start of Sunday's race and rode the second half of the course. Right away, the old factory was stimulated with one of the more common Belgium smells; poop. We rode in poo, smelled poo, got poo on our bikes and talked of having poo envy. Then, came the ultimate stimulation....cobbles. There are a few things to know about riding on cobbles;

1.) Everything jiggles. Everything.
2.) Your bike feels and sounds like it is going to break into pieces at any moment.
3.) Your hands, fingers and feet will go numb from all the jiggling.
4.) While going downhill and coasting, if you lift your butt just slightly off the saddle and are female, you can get all the vibration you could ever want.

Our quads, after six short, steep, out of the saddle climbs, were well stimulated. Then, came the Grandaddy of stimulation (for those of you who don't know, Grandaddy is one better than ultimate and far beats out riding the cobbles, unless you are horny). 15km from the finish of Sunday's race is the famous Muur climb. The climb itself, isn't too bad. Short, steep, cobbled, but the pure satisfaction of riding up the famous Muur itself almost propels you up the climb (almost). But, it's the lead into the Muur that makes you want to cry for your Mommy. A short decent into the town of Muur leads to a narrow brick road (pain and suffering and Toph, Oh My!) that goes up. This narrow brick road, (pain and suffering and Toph, Oh My!) then leads to a wide open cobbled square in the middle of town that somehow continues to go up, and up. After a right hand turn onto another narrow cobbled "goat path", you finally get to ascend the Muur. For me, the satisfaction of riding such an epic and cool climb was not stimulated enough, so I did it again (no one else felt the need to come with me). Finally, our adrenaline gland was well stimulated as we were riding toward the finish town and a semi felt the need to honk its horn at us as it drove by 8" away (I also needed to clean out my chamois after that).

Today was an amazing day. Sunday is going to be an EPIC race. That's why it is called Flanders and is a classic race. I am so amazed to be here in Belgium riding and getting ready to race. What a neat experience.

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