Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Luxemburg and beyond!

Visiting Luxemburg brought several new experiences. Thanks to the 45 days that new experiences bring, I will now live to be MUCH older.
Some of the new experiences include-

  • going to Luxemburg (it's a pretty country)
  • staying in a Youth Hostel (not a 5 star kind of hostel)
  • all 5 girls sleeping in the same room (bunk beds; I was on the top)
  • all of us huddled outside a pizzeria trying to get the small amount of free internet service
  • getting woken up in the middle of the night 3 times by people claiming they were supposed to be sleeping in our room
  • racing my bike in Luxemburg (I got a little salty)

  • driving 9 hours from Luxemburg to Lucca after the race

It just so happens that The Mom and Dad are visiting. Now, I owe a lot of things to them, mostly the gift of life, but also the fact that they take me places I would never get to see if they didn't come visit me while I was racing. Venice, Stuttgart, various castles and museums and, as of yesterday, Cinque Terra (45 more days).

It was great.


LJB said...

Wow - so beautiful! Cinque Terra was definitely one of my favorite towns I visited when I studied in Italy. And guess who did her first big-girl road race?! Thanks for your great influence!

Kathie Reid-Bevington said...

Cinque Terre!!! My first international trip was to Dubai (United Arab Emirates) to see a friend who'd just taken a job there, and then we went together to Cinque Terre -- stayed in Manarola three nights, and it was GLORIOUS! So, good for your mom and pop for treating you to that!
And congrats on doing so well on your racing -- it's been fun following your progress!
Oh, and if you get this by Wednesday, April 30 and see Jim -- please remind him to call me...I need to talk to him about two USAC articles, and I think he forgot today! ;)

b-luv said...

alison...brenda here. say i want ask you a question...will you email me at yoga_cycle@yahoo.com or if youre on facebook we could be friends :) and chat there....

cheers. love the blog