Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Scene

Philly. The race is unlike any other race of the season. It's like walking into Amante in Boulder. It's "the scene". The place where everyone wants to go and to be seen. It's the "cool" place.

I, personally, never go into Amante- unless it's to use the bathroom. In that case I enter through the back door and try not to be seen by anyone. I don't like "the scene". I don't like to be seen, and don't like scenes (if that makes any sense). So, Philly is a little bit uncomfortable for me. BUT, we did have a good time.

We (Team Type 1) stayed at the fancy pants race hotel- The Sheridan

Sean W, Jackie, Vero, Jen, Kori, Jack
We stopped while pre riding the course for fancy pants coffee, La Colombe and goodies

And we raced the fancy pants, Liberty Classic, race (minus Monique, though she did come to cheer us on. Heal quickly! We miss you!).Kori, Vero, Monique before the start


Anonymous said...

update your blog, yo!

Sean YD said...

...And we dropped Sean W. on our training ride with ease (Alison forgot to add).