Saturday, April 9, 2011


 Not long after my last post, I crashed in the crit and went to the hospital. After a lot of waiting, and finally some x-rays, it was determined I had a broken Olecranon and humerus. Surgery was scheduled for the next day.
Wrapping me up in the ER. Finally something that felt good to my arm.
The welcome note in my room.
 My first dinner and my last meal before surgery.
 What they did to me in surgery
 My post surgery dinner.
 The next day, my teammies came to visit me. I liked that very much.

 Dinner that night was much improved.
 On Tuesday, I was feeling well enough to go for walk and get outside.  Boss  Lady Lisa, stayed in Redlands to take care of me.  She took me outside. Then we arm wrestled.
 The last few days of my hospital stay, I didn't take any pictures.  I was tired of being there with an IV in my arm. I stopped taking pain medicine- because my arm was feeling good- but then my entire body started to hurt. I had road rash, muscle pain and tightness from the crash, and my back had had enough of the hospital bed.

Finally, on Wednesday, after 4 days, I got to leave the hospital. Super Awesome Serena, picked me up and took me straight to Mexican for dinner. YUM
Kitty welcomed me to the host house.  Home the next day!

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