Saturday, August 6, 2011

The "Someday" list

Ever hear yourself say, "Someday I want to do _____", or "I'd like to do that someday".  Why not make that "someday" today.

I'm a believer of doing the "someday"s. I've been saying (for a long time now), "Someday I want to ride my bike from home to Estes Park". Well, yesterday was my "someday" and it was pretty awesome.

10 minutes into my ride it occurred to me what I was actually in for.  It's almost 50 miles to Estes.  Then I have to ride back home. Oh boy...this could be a 6 hr ride.  So, I took my time, I stopped and took pictures (thanks to TK's suggestion), and I made sure to eat and drink so as to avoid The Bonk.

 This view descending from Ward is one of my favorites. I haven't seen this view for more than a year.  After the descent from Ward, I rode on a section of road I have never been on (between Raymond turnoff and Highway 7) - so I peed on it. Now I have officially been there.
 This Mo-Fo is also on the "someday" list. Someday, I'd like to hike up Longs Peak.
 Pretty view of the "key hole" (or something like that) on Longs
 Over the years, and many long rides, I have learned if I am riding at 8,000ft or above for more than 3 hrs, I have to stop for fuel and coffee--or else. Once I reached the destination (Estes), I found Kind Coffee sat down and had a little celebration. One of my "someday"s is crossed off the list. That felt good!
This is where I cracked. 4hrs 47 min and 76 miles in. I had to get off my bike, sit down, eat some food and take a time out.

I won't lie. The last hour was pretty dang tough. Everything and I mean everything hurt - except my elbow which is funny. I'm pretty dang proud of myself. I finally did something I have wanted to do for a long time and I haven't done a 6 hr ride in years. It's fun to challenge yourself and rise to the occasion.

You can see my ride here -
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lori ninja pony mom said...

Yay! So glad you are back at it, and feeling good(ish) said...

lovely you are the lukkyest person who have these

Paul said...

That's a killer ride....period! Yes, beautiful with interesting things to look at but (for those of you not around here) its ALL hills at elevation.
Way to Go Alison! you are an inspiration! I just hope I dont see this on my training schedule!!
I'd be gone for 10 hours!!