Sunday, October 23, 2011


I'm off the back with the blog updates. Between riding, coaching, and hanging out with The Mom and Dad, I've been a little busy.

I've got less than two weeks 'till 'bow surgery, so I have been cramming in the riding. The road riding. After the FoCo shit show two weeks ago, all I wanted to do was ride my road bike- on the pavement.  I've ridden in Boulder, I've ridden in Nederland, in Colorado Springs and in Littleton. I've explored, I've gotten lost, I rode an entire 40 mile loop with my Dad-on bike paths. I've had a great two weeks of road riding.

Me and 2 other "FasCats" went to Colorado Springs for a 4 day coaching clinic. It was pretty fun--mostly because we got to ride our bikes (road bikes) and learn at the same time- then ride some more. One full day in the class room was less than ideal, but it could have been far worse. Now I have to take the test and I'll be an official "Level 2" coach--which really means I get to pay USAC more $$.

I spent three days in Littleton hanging out with the Mom and Dad. The Mom had surgery on her broken collar bone and is healing well. The Dad entertained me with 2 bike rides and one gym visit. I needed a rest day when I got home.

The good news? I am going to play bike racer again next year! The bad news? I had to send my Specialized Tarmac (road bike) back to TIBCO on Friday as I am not going to race for TIBCO next year. Without a sweet road bike, I thought I would give CX another chance. The weather was awesome and the course was extremely roadie friendly. As seems to be the case with me and CX, there was drama. This time--after attacking on lap 3, I rolled my rear tubular (slightly annoying). After "snapping" it back on, I was able to limp my way to the wheel pit and put on a new wheel.

I'm extremely motivated by money. I was now in 4th place. There is no prize money for 4th and if I got 4th, I could lose the overall in the series (there's prize money for the 5 race overall)--especially since I'm not racing the last 2 races because of the 'bow. So, I rode harder than I have ridden in a long time. Deep in the pain cave, I felt ill and kept pushing it. I made up all but 12 seconds and got 2nd place. That makes me proud. I had fun, I challenged myself, and I got rewarded. I'm SO glad Amanda Carey was there to challenge me. Competition makes you better, and keeps things fun as you are challenged to better your game.

Here's a cool video of the race-

That's all for now.

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