Thursday, January 19, 2012


I have not had time to post in several days. We left Bermuda on Tuesday and flew to Charrrrrlotte. After a "flat' ride on Wednesday, we drove to Greenville for more bike riding.

Here are some picture from the past few days. Oh, and I have yet to find good coffee anywhere on this trip. It's sad. 
Coffee (really bad tasting) stop in Bermuda
 Me and Devon at the Premier's house
 Puppy Chow, BP, Ashle'y at he P's house
 View from P's house before the start of the Ultimate Bermuda Experience
 The start of the Ultimate Bermuda Experience
 Safety First
 Last day, last event in Bermuda. The team.
 Waiting to leave
We had a great time in Bermuda. It was surprisingly good riding and we did fun activities.

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