Sunday, May 27, 2012


My NOW teammies and I have been in Boise (just outside of YouDa Pimp) Idaho, for a week and a half. The first few days were dedicated to pre riding the stages of the upcoming Exergy Tour. It was great!
The scenery was really pretty (for the most part).

We had an interesting 86 mile "off course" adventure that proved to be great team bonding.
Robin and I bonded so much, that we needed to take a break on the side of the road.
 Finally, after being in Boise for almost a week, it was time to race. Up first, the team presentation.
Anne, Robin, Addy, and Gokey on the bus to the VIP area.
 Here's a map of the Prologue course. It was super fun.
 Going as hard as you can for 4 minutes, gives you "track hack"--aka- a cough that is annoying. The cure? Whisky.
 Last night, the hotel food finally cracked us and we went out for Thai dinner. A Thai bonus at the restaurant? Humping elephants.
 Every day, here at the Exergy Tour, we've been getting presents. Yes, this race rules. Yesterday's present was a chocolate high heel. It's a little small for my size 44's.
2 more days of racing.

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