Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Pre-race Poo

I knew today was going to be a good day when I had to poo 20 min before my TT start. Perfect. Every time I have a pre race poo (something other than the normal morning poo or 2) I know I'm going to have a good race. In fact, I get bummed out if I don't poo before a TT and if something horrible goes on and I miss even the morning poo, then my day is ruined (or at least not as good as it could have been).
Anyway, for 2 months (or something like that), I have been excited for the new TT at Redlands. It's motivated me through cold snowy TT workouts, it's gotten me excited to come back to Redlands for the 5th time, and it gave me hope of finding a new coffee shop.
Coffee shop fail. I rode into Big Bear Lake to check out the town and the ski area. Only saw a Starrrrbucks and Smokey's Beef Jerky and Coffee. Um, I don't think I'm getting any coffee from a beef jerky place...

Won today's TT (had a pre race poo) which was freaking awesome.
Somehow managed to get the sprint jersey too...
Then I had too many jerseys.. (which is a totally fine problem to have)

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