Friday, January 18, 2008

Fun in Salt Lake City

After the sun, warmth, palm trees, beach, and track of LA we flew to the snow, cold, sitting around, waiting, and testing of Salt Lake City. Here are some of the more interesting things:

Driving to TOSH(the testing facility) always proved to be interesting (Sardine like).
The "Spread" (the best snack table I have ever seen). It was better than the Hotel breakfast that claimed to be an "amazing" breakfast buffet with a "wide variety" of foods.
The room with "the Spread" was also were the training took place (it was snowy and cold the entire week so we got to trainer it).
Other interesting things you can see in and around Salt Lake City

Thanks for supporting Women's Cycling!
Tomorrow we get to fly home for the last month of training before the racing begins. Bring it on.

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