Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Free Time

It's amazing how much time there is in the day when you aren't spending hours at a time on a bicycle.
When I'm riding and "training", it feels like I am rushing around all day long--from one thing to another to another. I feel lucky when I get a "time out" to chill and eat something.

Yes, my arm is getting better and better. I am able to ride 1 hr on the trainer (yay!) and get back into the gym to work on strength exercises, but I still have all this time in the day and that seems strange. It also seems strange to get other things done- like read a book, bake cookies, muffins, granola (and give them to people instead of eating them), and read up on hobbies (coffee and baking). All this free time has been pretty cool and I feel more "balanced". When you ride bikes and coach bikes for a living, there isn't much balance going on. All bikes all day, every day.

Soon it'll be all bikes all day, every day-- except when I go Nordic skiing and feel like a rebel--but for the time being it feels good to not think about bikes every waking hour of the day.

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