Friday, October 31, 2008


A bike racer and a weight room: not something that mixes very well. Such was the case when I went to the gym for "fun" with my parents during a family visit.

This is how it went-
"Hey Alison! Do you want to come to the gym with your Dad and me in the morning?"
"Sure, why not? It's almost time for me to start training again anyway, this could be a good jump start."
"Ok good. It's early though. We leave at 6:30am."
"Whoa. That is early. Well, ok. I am usually awake anyway. If I am awake I'll come, if not, don't bother waking me up. I'll see you when you get home."
-Wake up at 6:09am (I guess I'm going to the gym).
-Drive to the gym. It's dark, it's 14 degrees, and there has been no food and NO coffee consumed.
-Start working out (try to decide what would be best for someone (i.e. me) who hasn't been in a weight room for almost 2 years and has not done any kind of working out for the past three weeks to do).

It then went like this-
"Whoa! That's heavy"
"Ooo. That is going to make me sore"
"Ouch! I can't do that"
"Oh my gosh! I can't even do that"
"What am I doing in here?"

Go to Coffee shop (aah, much better).

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