Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Booty Burn

Due to the large amount of snow and chilly temps recently, sadly, I was not riding my bike. Instead, I took to a three day skate ski conditioning camp at Eldora. Now, my booty (otherwise known as the "rear end") feels like it is going to fall off.

Despite the incredible burn and pain of my gluteus medias muscles I had a great time. Fun friends came to celebrate my last birthday in the "20's" and we laughed and had hard workouts. It was very enjoyable.

Fun friends pictured are, Josh, Greg F, Alison D, Megan M and Brain F.

Friday, December 12, 2008


That's what I have for my bike right now: appreciation.

Now that my job (ski coaching) is at a ski area 2-3 days a week, riding my bike outside is something special and something I look forward to every day. My lifestyle and motto has gone from "Yes, I have to ride my bike everyday" to "yes, I GET to ride my bike everyday".

Now, I really, really appreciate the time I get to ride my bike. When I can be outside for hours on end just riding- no time constraints, no having to be anywhere. I appreciate the chance to just be in the moment. Just ride my bike.