Saturday, January 30, 2010

Truly Something Special

Living and training at 8,000ft is really something special. I was truly reminded of that Friday while riding my bike.

My day started with Nordic Skiing at Eldora. It was amazing. The weather was great, the trails empty and the wind calm.After Nordic Skiing, I went home and re-fueled myself with a home made gluten-free muffin. Next came a bike ride on the singlespeed. It is here when I realized how special riding "in the middle of nowhere" is. Instead of being rewarded during a long, chilly ride with a Mocha Latte, you are rewarded by seeing things you would never see anywhere else.Instead of thinking "just make it to the coffee shop, keep going", you think "just make it to the pretty view. You can do it".And just when you think you couldn't pedal anymore and are in need of the post ride Chai, you see a herd of elk to motivate you.
Riding in the middle of winter time, in Colorado between 7,000-10,000ft can be a little lonely and "un-natural" feeling, but the rewards far out weight anything else.

I needed one or two more muffins when I got home...

Friday, January 22, 2010

"Typical" Day in Colorado

Today, when I started my ride it was 40 degrees and sunny; a perfect day for riding.
The "training" day included riding my two most favorite bikes. First off would be my TT bike.
The view while riding.The view I actually see while riding my TT bike.Then came the switch to my singlespeed cross bike.
As I explored new roads,
the weather started coming in.
The temperature dropped and soon I was in a full on snowstorm.20 minutes later, it cleared up and was beautiful again.
Less than 2 miles from home, I saw a kitty, a BIG kitty.
Such is the life at 8,000ft in Colorado.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Finger Prick

Question- how many times can a person get their finger pricked in a day?
Answer- if you are doing physical testing at Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, the answer is A LOT!Being a bit of a workout masochist, I kind of like the testing. It brings out the best in me as I want to do my personal best. Plus, I get to learn a lot about my body and my training.

The tests included a Lactate Profile, VO2 max, and Windgate to determine peak power for 30 seconds.

We pretty much learned I am not a sprinter (surprise, surprise) and that I have some work (ie training) to do for next season.

I wonder if Dex4 will sponsor a women's team for Breast Cancer as well as Team Type 1? I love that stuff.