Friday, January 22, 2010

"Typical" Day in Colorado

Today, when I started my ride it was 40 degrees and sunny; a perfect day for riding.
The "training" day included riding my two most favorite bikes. First off would be my TT bike.
The view while riding.The view I actually see while riding my TT bike.Then came the switch to my singlespeed cross bike.
As I explored new roads,
the weather started coming in.
The temperature dropped and soon I was in a full on snowstorm.20 minutes later, it cleared up and was beautiful again.
Less than 2 miles from home, I saw a kitty, a BIG kitty.
Such is the life at 8,000ft in Colorado.

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Meriwether said...

Nice mix of bikes and cool bobcat photo!! You're one of a few (only one?) in your class that rides a singlespeed ROAD bike. Awesome.