Monday, February 9, 2009


an O.U.C.H- an outrageous, utterly-complete hurt.
That pretty much sums up Nordic Racing. And due to my tendency toward masochism, I did two Nordic races this past week. The second race, at Devil's Thumb, just about killed me.
However, due to that pain, riding in the wind today felt like no big problem. It wasn't that bad (it sucked for sure, but I am still alive). It really is true what "they" say- "If it doesn't kill you, it will make you better." (I hope so, because I have another race on Wednesday).

Monday, February 2, 2009

45 days...

Some people (me) like to think that every time you eat something new, try something new or experience something new, you add 45 days to your life. It's like when you are born you are only going to live a few years unless you add time to your life by doing new things and being open minded (I admit, sometimes I have a hard time with the latter part).

Thanks to bike racing and a new team, I added a solid couple more months to my life this past week.

First, are new teammates. Two of which (Morgan and Monique) are living and racing their bikes with Type 1 diabetes.
Second- Aebleskivers (a circular pancake like Danish treat).
Third-great new rides in California. Here is the back side of Figueroa. Later is the entrance to Wonderland ranch.
The secret- drum roll please....The wind tunnel in Ft. Collins.
Is this the fast position??