Sunday, May 31, 2009


Ummmm......Face Book or blog?
I just signed up for Face Book. I am now almost caught up to 2009. However, I am now having a problem. Do I Face Book or do I blog? Can I do both? Am I able to actually find the time/energy to do both? (probably. Depends on how lazy I am feeling and how comfortable the couch is on a particular day.)

Update-One more day here at the Tulsa Tough. Three days of crit racing in a row. I've never done that before. So far, it's been pretty fun. Though yesterday's heat almost killed me (well, I may be exaggerating a bit. But it was DANG hot).

Thursday, May 28, 2009

For fun

Many people wonder what we (cyclists, TT1 riders, etc.) do for fun.
Well, here are some answers;

We sit around and look cute (Kori).

We carry each other like a baby (Morgan and Vero). Actually, there's not a lot of "we" in the carrying like a baby. Nobody has carried me like a baby.

We, TT1, go out together and eat giant plates of nachos.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

First Class Conversation

Scene 1
Girl walks into United First Class seating area.
Captain- says smart ass remark to girl about those seats costing an extra $10.
Girl- replies to Captain with another smart ass remark while walking to seat.
Captain- Follows girl and tells her she must come look in the cockpit. Have you ever see a cockpit?
Girl- No, just from the aisle.
Captain- Oh well follow me.
Captain and girl enter flight cockpit. Captain tells girl to sit down in his chair.
Girl- WOW there are a lot of buttons in here. How many of these buttons do you actually use?
Captain- Don't push that red button.
Girl- What does that red button do?
Captain- Now tell are an athlete in top condition...yes?
Girl- Slight surprise -Yes, I am an athlete. I'm a cyclist. And I am trying to be in top condition. How could you tell?
Captain- Your lips.
Girl- My lips?
Captain- Yes, they are purple. You can tell an athlete in top condition by their lips. Purple lips means good blood flow and strong heart.
Girl- oh!
Captain- Am I not right?
Girl- Um, I guess that's the case. I never noticed my lips were purple.
Captain- Yes they are.
Captain gives girl a United pin to put on her shirt, asks if she knows Lance Armstrong, and then let's her go back to her seat.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The "W"

Joe Martin Stage Race + Team Type 1 = Extreme Satisfaction

Friday, May 8, 2009


Pre race shot

Post race shotMakes for happy riders

Compare and Contrast

Two stage races, back to back, in two different parts of the country takes some adjustment to get used to.
Take for example Silver City New Mexico (Tour of the Gila).
It's high (5,900ft),
dry (potato chip boogers in the nose),
small (the cyclists might have doubled the town's population),
old (old homes, old buildings),
in the middle of nowhere (12 hours drive from my home base in Colorado).

Contrast that with Fayetteville Arkansas where I arrived on Wednesday evening-
low (1,4ooft),
moist (my hair/head is a giant frizz ball, sweat pours off my legs, and my Silver City hack has been cured),
big (big homes, big town, big people),
new (house farms),
Internet in our host house!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Ok. So The Mom and Dad are away without Internet. I am away in Silver City without Internet. I thought it would be ok to skip or delay a blog entry. WRONG!!

No, for real, I actually have missed blogging this week. Though it is tough to write about anything when you don't have Internet and are bad about taking pictures.

Thus, no recent updates.
Well, here is something to write about.

I raced Gila this week.
I got 2nd overall.