Sunday, August 30, 2009

Official Training

Some people often ask what my training is like. How many watts can I push or how miles do I ride a week. Well, here it is-for everyone (all 3 people who read this) to see.

First, I go mountain biking with crazy people.
4 hours, one endo, 3,000 ft of descending and one BIG GIANT smile on my face. Monarch crest is THE best mtn bike ride I have ever been on.Second, to work on my skills, I do some extreme bridge riding.
This bridge is HUGE! A whole 1.5ft off the ground!

Then, after an entire season of training, racing and traveling, I get the H1TT1 virus and pass it on to everyone in contact with me. This virus has taken me away from training for 2 weeks. I am hoping antibiotics will kill it dead soon.

There you go. Training of a NRC champion.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Update...3 weeks in pictures.

Some people, The Mom mostly, have been wondering what I have been up to. Well, mostly I am still 5'10".
Week #1- Cascade and Nationals

For race day, TT1 had pig tail braids.

Week #2- Rest and recovery

Week #3- Back to "the real world". Work at Sports Garage and Crit Racing with the girls and Jack.