Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Roadie Trip

What do you get when you take two anal "roadies" and send them to Vegas to race Cross Vegas?

Answer- A mini van filled with questions, extra equipment, two of everything, and a whole bunch of uncertainties.

The roadie trip started on Monday in snow and 29 degrees.
It continued into Utah where after 24.5 bathroom stops we found pretty scenery.
Into a coffee shop in Cedar City for a stop to say hello to awesome roadie friends, Nikky and Jenna.
Finally, into Vegas where upon arrival it was 92 degrees and extremely overwhelming for us two "country bumpkins".
The trip is about to hit it's climax as Kori and I are somewhat ready to exhibit our Cross skills tonight at 8pm.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Change of season

As the leaves change, so does the bike riding. As a "roadie" if you don't go to Europe to race in September, your season is over. The saying goes, "the race season ends and the drinking season starts" (does the drinking season ever end?). For me, the race season ends and the time to try and do new things starts. This is where stress free mountain biking and cross racing come in.

I have a sweet new Fuji cross bike that I have been riding and will attempt to race on. So far, I have been successful at crash testing it (it has held up well).

The first test was in Breckenridge on Sunday.
-One race
-One crash
-One win!

The next test is in Vegas.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Last Race Series

The 2009 race season is coming to a close. TT1 came to St. Louis to have a fun time, celebrate the season and do a little crit racing.
The first two days have been just that. It's been fun!
Day 1 brought a morning team ride

that took us to a pretty view where we needed our picture taken.

After leaving the pretty view spot, Vero had so much power she broke her chain and needed team assistance to get to the coffee shop.

Someone (Jack) needed assistance up the hill. :)

The next day, Jack was motivated and rode the trainer the morning of the second race.

Last night was a fun team dinner that included laughing, story telling and more laughing.

This team rules!!