Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Track Camp

These are the necessary items to get through track camp.

However, by day 6, everything needs to be bigger. I want more coffee and that requires a bigger press pot. Though if I had a bigger press pot, the coffee and the foamed milk would not fit in the mug-mos. Thus, a dilemma is created. I have, however, learned this problem can be somewhat resolved by drinking an entire press pot AT breakfast, and making another to go in the mug-mos for drinking at the track. This technique also makes sure you know where the bathroom is.

Day 6 is also when the excitement happens.
Tomorrow is our last day here in LA. It has been a good camp and has been quite successful in wearing me out. I'm pooped. It's time to go home and get "our Christmas on".

Friday, December 14, 2007


Today is my birthday and I got a sweet new present.

Then I used it to go round and round and round and round the track here in LA. The next present was the taste of blood in my mouth due to the lactic acid over flow from my legs.

It was Fantastic!

Biker X

Usually it's called Cycle Cross, however due to the snow, I am calling it Biker X and that is what we participated in last weekend.

Thanks to B. Fisk, you can see how good my barrier jumping form is. She was there cheering us all on (why not racing B Fisk?).Thanks to Josh, I had an official "heckling section", and I got to race on a single speed cross bike (his). It was dang fun.