Thursday, July 26, 2012

Yellow - at last!

 The trip started in Boise. We got to stay in the same host house as we stayed in in May and we knew exactly where the Crux was for our morning ride coffee stop.

After an afternoon of farting around, it was time to race. The Boise Twilight Crit-er-e-um. It had been 3 weeks since I last raced and I felt a little rusty. Then it started to rain, and I felt wet and rusty- also a little afraid as the roads were super slippy (and dirty).

 Post race, Devon looked like she had been to war.
 Anne had apparently been to a friendly war.

I was lucky enough to get second place - in an Exergy sandwich.
 We got a rainbow post race.
 Then it was time to drive to Bend, Oregon. On the way, we passed the cheese mini bus. I found it fitting as He Who Must Not Be Named and I eat this cheese almost every night with our dinner.
 We starting racing Cascade, a 6 day stage race. The good thing about having to go to Bend, is that it's a cool place. Nice scenery, good food, cute town, bike friendly, and good coffee. Yep, found 3 good coffee shops and had as much espresso as I could find time to have.

Another cool thing about Bend? I used to go there for ski camp.
Hello Mt Bachelor.
After Arrrrrmstrong quit the race, I got to wear the yellow leaders jersey. By the last day, thanks to my NOW teammies, I got to win the yellow jersey. Done. I've never won a big stage race like Cascade before. I've gotten countless 2nd's and 3rd's but never have come home with the jersey. This one is special.
 We celebrated by taking Devon out for Ice Cream. I copied Beth and got a sundae. I can't remember the last time I went out for ice cream but it was dang good.
Yep, this bike racing thing can be pretty fun. I'm lucky to have a supportive man and doggies and a great team to travel and race with.

The end. For now.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Break Time

 2 weeks home. 5 more days left. It's been a really great break. I needed it. I was getting tired of power meters, skinny tires, spandex, the race/recover cycle, and being away from home.

I needed to ride my new mtn bike, ride my road bike without worrying about my watts and cadence. I needed to get drunk at steel*wool, I needed to see my family, and I needed to remind my friends and He Who Must Not Be Named that I still care about them and want to hang out.

I needed a break and I got it. Now, I'm ready to get serious again. Time to train. Time to focus. Only 3 more important races left.

 On a side note- I got to do Saturday's part of the MS 150 on a tandem and it was awesome.
 Lori and I kicked ass. We were strong, we laughed, we learned, and we were finished by 11:30am.