Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Commute...part 3

In November, I attempted "The Commute". To ride from home to Winter Park where I was ski coaching. Not only did I not make it, I had to get a ride with my Dad over Berthoud Pass. Now, 7 months later, it was redemption time.

A few things I learned from the first try:
1-Take your time. It's a long way and the entire ride is above 7500ft.
2- A coffee stop is a must!

The way there had a few entertaining moments-
Stop #1- bike shop in Idaho Springs. I had attached a 436 lb. "saddle bag pannier" to my seat post and the extra weight plus the swinging motion every time I stood up out of the saddle was causing my seat post to slip down.

Interesting comment #1- Shop owner as he is checking out my bike- "Oh wow! You even have a SRM to measure your power. You spend the big bucks...oh but you have Ultegra. What's with that?"
Nice bike shop owner
Stop #2- Empire. Espresso time.

Nice surprise- Seeing friend Martin as I was starting up Berthoud Pass. Thanks for the hello!
Not nice surprise- Major thunder storm right after seeing friend Martin.

Interesting comment #2- As I continued to climb to over 11,000ft in the rain, the temperature was dropping. I pulled over to the side of the road, leaned my bike on a car that was parked there, and proceeded to dig through my bag for more clothes.
Man- "HEY! blah blah blah..."
Me- am I hearing things? "Um hold on. I am jamming to Beyonce, I can't hear you." Fumble with cold hands to turn off my ipod. "What say?"
Man- "Your bike is leaning on my car!"
Me- is he for real? "Oh! Yes it is. My bad. Sorry."

I did not get struck by lightning, I did not need a ride, and I did not freeze to death. I made it to Fraser in one piece.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dog Bite

Once upon a time, a dog lover and a not-so-much dog lover went on a mountain bike ride together. Dog lover told the n-s-m dog lover to get ready to "run from dogs". N-s-m dog lover put her game face on. To her, "running from dogs" meant get ready to kick, yell and curse at said dogs. Mostly to get ready to kick dogs in the face.

Out run 3 barking, growling dogs with the owner nowhere in sight. N-s-m dog lover's heart started pounding. She unclipped her left foot (ready for kicking) and got ready to yell. Dog lover, on the other hand, took the complete opposite approach. In a reassuring, talking to babies type of voice, he says, "hey guys! Hi! What's up? OOOWWWWW! You got me. Ya, you just got me". Dog lover got bitten.

N-s-m dog lover was pissed! She was ready to yell, at the owner this time, who by now has come out of the house and is telling her dogs to "get the hell over here". She was ready to take a picture of the wound, get the name and address of the owner and call the cops. Game on.

Again, Dog lover took the opposite approach. He kindly asked if the dog has had its rabies shots and he is ready to continue riding.

A few minutes of riding later, Dog lover and n-s-m dog lover come across nice people who give the Dog lover some first aid on the leg/bite and he is good to go.

The two continue riding and have a great time.

The End

Monday, June 15, 2009


A hand full of years ago, I rode in a sports bra and mountain bike shoes (it's ok to laugh). Then I got a pair of road shoes and road pedals and my coworker gave me a jersey. I ditched the camelbak and started racing, still with only one jersey. I envied the people who complained that they only got two team jerseys. I even continued to wear that one jersey after a mouse had chewed little holes along the back of the jersey. The reason? I had a goal; to not have to buy a new jeresy. I was going to wear that jersey until I either won a new jersey or made it on to a team that would provide me with a jersey.

This past week at the Nature Valley Grand Prix, I won/wore 5 jerseys (sprinter, climber, Women's Pestiege overall x2, and WP sprinter).

It makes me proud to look at the first jersey. I've come along way since then but it still is my most favorite jersey.

PS- major kudos to Shelly Olds. She rode amazingly this past week. Way to go!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Scene

Philly. The race is unlike any other race of the season. It's like walking into Amante in Boulder. It's "the scene". The place where everyone wants to go and to be seen. It's the "cool" place.

I, personally, never go into Amante- unless it's to use the bathroom. In that case I enter through the back door and try not to be seen by anyone. I don't like "the scene". I don't like to be seen, and don't like scenes (if that makes any sense). So, Philly is a little bit uncomfortable for me. BUT, we did have a good time.

We (Team Type 1) stayed at the fancy pants race hotel- The Sheridan

Sean W, Jackie, Vero, Jen, Kori, Jack
We stopped while pre riding the course for fancy pants coffee, La Colombe and goodies

And we raced the fancy pants, Liberty Classic, race (minus Monique, though she did come to cheer us on. Heal quickly! We miss you!).Kori, Vero, Monique before the start

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Our host house in Tulsa was nice. I mean NICE! Spacious, big, super great family, clean, and it had an AMAZING kitchen. Cooking in it was fun. Eating in it was fun. Staying at it was fun. It was great. This amazing kitchen also provided an amusing conversation regarding the giant ice maker. It went like this-
me to host Mom- I love your ice maker/chest. It's great to have all that ice available ice to fill your water bottles, cool your drinks etc. It's's like having a bar in your house.
host Mom- Ya, we even have one in the basement that we don't turn on. I couldn't imagine needing that much ice. Remember the days when you used to have to fill an ice tray and crack the cubes into the ice bin?
me- Yes I do. That's what I have to do at home.
host Mom- really? I didn't know people had to do that anymore.
Our last night in Tulsa, we were treated to a wonderful dinner and family time. It was great. Thank you.