Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Commute...part 3

In November, I attempted "The Commute". To ride from home to Winter Park where I was ski coaching. Not only did I not make it, I had to get a ride with my Dad over Berthoud Pass. Now, 7 months later, it was redemption time.

A few things I learned from the first try:
1-Take your time. It's a long way and the entire ride is above 7500ft.
2- A coffee stop is a must!

The way there had a few entertaining moments-
Stop #1- bike shop in Idaho Springs. I had attached a 436 lb. "saddle bag pannier" to my seat post and the extra weight plus the swinging motion every time I stood up out of the saddle was causing my seat post to slip down.

Interesting comment #1- Shop owner as he is checking out my bike- "Oh wow! You even have a SRM to measure your power. You spend the big bucks...oh but you have Ultegra. What's with that?"
Nice bike shop owner
Stop #2- Empire. Espresso time.

Nice surprise- Seeing friend Martin as I was starting up Berthoud Pass. Thanks for the hello!
Not nice surprise- Major thunder storm right after seeing friend Martin.

Interesting comment #2- As I continued to climb to over 11,000ft in the rain, the temperature was dropping. I pulled over to the side of the road, leaned my bike on a car that was parked there, and proceeded to dig through my bag for more clothes.
Man- "HEY! blah blah blah..."
Me- am I hearing things? "Um hold on. I am jamming to Beyonce, I can't hear you." Fumble with cold hands to turn off my ipod. "What say?"
Man- "Your bike is leaning on my car!"
Me- is he for real? "Oh! Yes it is. My bad. Sorry."

I did not get struck by lightning, I did not need a ride, and I did not freeze to death. I made it to Fraser in one piece.