Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dog Bite

Once upon a time, a dog lover and a not-so-much dog lover went on a mountain bike ride together. Dog lover told the n-s-m dog lover to get ready to "run from dogs". N-s-m dog lover put her game face on. To her, "running from dogs" meant get ready to kick, yell and curse at said dogs. Mostly to get ready to kick dogs in the face.

Out run 3 barking, growling dogs with the owner nowhere in sight. N-s-m dog lover's heart started pounding. She unclipped her left foot (ready for kicking) and got ready to yell. Dog lover, on the other hand, took the complete opposite approach. In a reassuring, talking to babies type of voice, he says, "hey guys! Hi! What's up? OOOWWWWW! You got me. Ya, you just got me". Dog lover got bitten.

N-s-m dog lover was pissed! She was ready to yell, at the owner this time, who by now has come out of the house and is telling her dogs to "get the hell over here". She was ready to take a picture of the wound, get the name and address of the owner and call the cops. Game on.

Again, Dog lover took the opposite approach. He kindly asked if the dog has had its rabies shots and he is ready to continue riding.

A few minutes of riding later, Dog lover and n-s-m dog lover come across nice people who give the Dog lover some first aid on the leg/bite and he is good to go.

The two continue riding and have a great time.

The End

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Anonymous said...

n-s-m dog luv'r here *at least on the bike* says, in IA law, the s-m dog luv'r and the s-m dog owner are now both at fault for not issues for s-m luv'r & owner if someone else is bitten and reports s-m luv'r bite, also. just sayin'....

i keep myself one-up on doggy karate defensive moves for such occasions =)

u of i