Monday, June 30, 2008


Nothing about the track is really effortless.

Each workout kicks your ass.
Each effort makes you want to throw up.
Each day your "track hack" gets worse and worse.
Even changing gears causes problems.

For me, the track is a love-hate relationship. I like the workouts. I like the pain (sort of). I like the fact that it makes me a better cyclist. But, the track is VERY humbling. It puts your weaknesses on display day after day and the workouts are more painful than any other training session the bike. But, I love it and it's a great learning experience.
The "campers" included three U23 guys and two other girls.
Even "fruit booters" (i.e. Rollerbladers) like to feel the track pain.
Oops. A roadie changing gears. Ouchy.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


It was Father's Day weekend and it was time to go home. Not home to Colorado, not home to Boulder; home to Fraser. That's right, it was time to visit the Mom and Dad. I hadn't been home since January.

There are things I look forward to doing when I go home. I had a mental list of everything fun I wanted to do in 2 days. Fortunately, everything got checked off.

First on the list was s'mores. The Dad built the fire and we roasted.

The fire was missing one thing though. My homework. Every year, after school got out, I would burn my homework. Then roast s'mores over it. The marshmellows that were roasted over my math homework, however, would taste less than superb.

Our neighbor, Denny, came over to join us.
We did some horseshoe throwing in between marshmellow eating.
I won (of course), Josh broke his shoe, and the Mom made magical tunes for us.

Next on the list was mountain biking. We had a great Father's Day ride complete with a coffee shop stop.
We saw pretty scenery, a not so healthy cow,and managed to tire each other out. It was great.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Ok. I'll admit it. I've got no shame and am happy to show you the things I have for sale.

I am home now and that means that after 12 weeks of travel, I can finally unpack. While I have wonderful stuff and lots of neat things, I have NO more space in my closet for everything. Hence the sale.

I've got lots of things. Though most of it is cycling related. Some is skiing related.
Here is the link to a few e-bay items-
Keep checking because as stuff sells, I will add more (it's kept exciting and ever changing!).

If you are looking for other things that are not listed (cycling clothes, sunglasses, bike parts, etc.) please comment and I'll send you an e-mail back if I have it or not.

Again, sorry for the lackluster entry, but I really need to get rid of stuff!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

The Magic of America part 2

After going out and eating Chinese food with Iona, Tina and Big Jack, (that's right. Here in America, one can eat Chinese food, or Mexican food, or sushi, or pizza, or Thai, or burgers or breakfast, whatever you're craving you can go get it. That's magic.)
Colavita/Sutter Home Women's Professional Cycling Team presented by Cooking Light (phew!) got third place in the Allentown crit. YEAH! A podium! AND prize money. Even though it was only $300, it was more prize money than I made all spring racing in Europe TOTAL.
Prize money and ethnic foods; the magic of America.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Magic of America

I had no idea how much I loved America. That's right. The good old US of A.

After being in Europe for 10 weeks, I was SO happy to step foot in the Washington Dullas airport. I missed America, I missed Americans, I missed American stuff, and mostly, I missed my American family, my American friends and my American loved one (not that I have loved ones from other nations).

Driving home from the airport, after stopping at the grocery store, I suddenly realized America is full of Magic.

The things that are the magic of America include;
  • Big, bright, spacious grocery stores
  • Public bathrooms in the grocery store
  • Nice Americans who respect your space and shopping experience
  • BIG washing machines that only take 30 minutes instead of 2 hours
  • Nice customer service at stores and restaurants
  • English radio stations
  • Having a cell phone
  • Friendly people
  • Fun, low stress bike races

Ya, it's not so bad to be home. I like it.