Monday, June 30, 2008


Nothing about the track is really effortless.

Each workout kicks your ass.
Each effort makes you want to throw up.
Each day your "track hack" gets worse and worse.
Even changing gears causes problems.

For me, the track is a love-hate relationship. I like the workouts. I like the pain (sort of). I like the fact that it makes me a better cyclist. But, the track is VERY humbling. It puts your weaknesses on display day after day and the workouts are more painful than any other training session the bike. But, I love it and it's a great learning experience.
The "campers" included three U23 guys and two other girls.
Even "fruit booters" (i.e. Rollerbladers) like to feel the track pain.
Oops. A roadie changing gears. Ouchy.

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