Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weird thoughts

Recently, I've been thinking strange thoughts.  Actually, more like one strange thought.  I've been wishing January would last longer.  Never, ever, in my entire life, have I wished January would last longer (not even as a ski racer).  So what gives?

Well...I been finding fun activities to do in January.  I've been back country skiing, Nordic skiing, and Nordic racing.  I've met really cool people while doing these activities and it's been pretty fun.  When I go on bike rides, I go alone, ride exactly how I'm "supposed to" for that day on roads I've ridden tons of times.  It's not that exciting.

As soon as February starts, bikes and bike riding get a little more series.  Racing is 8 weeks away, and training camps and travel and serious training start all over again.  I s'pose I'm not quite ready yet.  I'm enjoying winter and I wish January was one month longer.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Nordic Race Day- part 2

 My Lats have never hurt as much as they hurt in this race.  Bike riding isn't the best training for Nordic skiing.

I finished right behind my friend Anna.  She got 5th and I got 6th.

The drive home was similar to the drive there, only this time in the dark.  When I got home, I had light and 2 doggies waiting for me.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Nordic Race Day- part 1

How'd the race go?  Check back tomorrow...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ginger Ninjer - Better Than a Good Person-

Someone once told me, "at the end of the day, you are remembered not for how many ski races you won but for the kind person you were".

With Carla -aka "Ginger Ninjer", this rings true more than ever.  She was one of the BEST people I have ever met.

When I think of Ginger, I don't think of bike racing or results.  I remember the time we spent together off the bike.  I remember her smile, her thoughtfulness, her laugh.  I remember her being Robin's "bike wife" and making her breakfast.  I remember talking about family, about training, about loving life. I remember hanging out, drinking coffee after Philly (she was drinking some kind of red smoothie drink).  I remember the funny names we came up with for her new Twitter account.  The list goes on.

Carla was one of the best people, if not the best, I have ever met.

She sent me a postcard from India.

Carla was an A-MAZING bike rider.  But when I think of her, I remember the person she was.

I knew Carla as a friend for less than a year.  She made a big impact.

Thank you for enhancing my life, Ginger Ninjer.

I'd attach a picture of her, but I don't have one.  Bummer.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

No title

I got tired of seeing a dead horse on the blog, so I'm blogging to take up space and make it so when you open the blog dead Brandy isn't right in your face.

In blog worthy news, after listening to my body and taking a few days rest, I am feeling MUCH better and my rides and ski this weekend were great.  I'm ready for more riding and more hours, but the freaking wind is blowing like a mo-fo and will continue through tomorrow and probably beyond.

So, more Nordic skiing may be in my future (actually it is in my future as every Tuesday morning, I wake up when it's still dark and "train" with the Boulder Nordic Sport training group.  It's good fun, I learn a lot and always come home quite tired. Plus there is a dang race I have been convinced to do on Saturday, a 30km, and I have never skied that long of a distance in my life.  Should be interesting).

This brings me to the end of this blog post for the sake of blogging.
Good night.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Cool blog post about listening to your body at

I listened to mine yesterday.  It was yelling at me....hard to not listen.
 I was starting to feel like this (close your eyes SMRP) -
 After a few days laying on the couch, I feel like this-
Tomorrow, I'm ready to do this-
 (I stole those last two pictures off the internets. Thank you if they are yours)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A grown up

I did not blog this week.  Mostly because I was busy.
I was busy doing more damage to my already sad and damaged car.
 I was busy test driving, and trying to find the money to replace my sad and damaged, but loved old car.
 I was busy buying a new car.
 I was busy feeling like an official "grown up" in my new car.  Wow, my first real car that wasn't a hand me down from my family (not that I didn't appreciate those cars. I did, they just weren't "mine").  This car is DANG nice and I can't believe it is my car.

I was busy riding my bike on a bike path that, for the past 10+ years, I have wanted to ride.
I was busy seeing a bald eagle on that bike ride.
 I am always kept busy trying to keep Lucy Dog off the couch.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Windslab fun

Another day in the backcountry.  Same people, new place. This place looked amazing.  When we got there, the different chute options appeared to be endless. 
However, there was one problem.  For the past two days, it has been windy.  VERY windy, and every single miniture piece of snow particle had been blown around and was contining to be blown around.

Everywhere we skied was wind slabbed. Unfortunately, it wasn't very fun. Actually, it sort of sucked. 
But, that's the cool thing about the backcountry.  The actual skiing is a very small part of the entire expirance.  The secnery we saw today was amazing.  The people we go with are funny and enjoyable to be around and every time I come home from backcountry skiing, I'm tired, happy, hungry and completly satisfied with having a great day.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

HTFU or soft?

There were seasons/years when I prided myself in my ability to HTFU.  No matter the weather, no matter the workout needed, I went riding (or Nordic skiing).  One winter, I didn't ride the trainer once.  It was a fun game to see how long I could go without riding the trainer.

But there were times during my HTFU-ing when I wondered if I was really being tough, or just plain stupid.  At what point does hardening the fuck up become stupid?  When the wind blows you off the road?  When you fall down on the icy roads? When both your water and your fingers are frozen solid?  Or when it just plain isn't fun?

I enjoy riding in the cold. I enjoy skiing in the cold.  I also enjoy doing both in the snow.  But what I don't enjoy is when it isn't fun.  Doing exercise when it isn't fun, sucks.  So, I've learned my lessons.
Lesson #1- Skate skiing when it is below 5 degrees- sucks
Lesson #2- Riding in the VERY windy- sucks
Lesson #3- Riding when it's 20 degrees- is close to sucking
Lesson #4-Riding when it's less than 15 degrees- sucks

That's it.  Four lessons learned.  Today, all four lessons are in full effect and I may have to ride the trainer. Windy and 4 degrees outside. Does that make me smarter or have I just become soft?