Sunday, January 2, 2011

Windslab fun

Another day in the backcountry.  Same people, new place. This place looked amazing.  When we got there, the different chute options appeared to be endless. 
However, there was one problem.  For the past two days, it has been windy.  VERY windy, and every single miniture piece of snow particle had been blown around and was contining to be blown around.

Everywhere we skied was wind slabbed. Unfortunately, it wasn't very fun. Actually, it sort of sucked. 
But, that's the cool thing about the backcountry.  The actual skiing is a very small part of the entire expirance.  The secnery we saw today was amazing.  The people we go with are funny and enjoyable to be around and every time I come home from backcountry skiing, I'm tired, happy, hungry and completly satisfied with having a great day.

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