Sunday, January 16, 2011

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I got tired of seeing a dead horse on the blog, so I'm blogging to take up space and make it so when you open the blog dead Brandy isn't right in your face.

In blog worthy news, after listening to my body and taking a few days rest, I am feeling MUCH better and my rides and ski this weekend were great.  I'm ready for more riding and more hours, but the freaking wind is blowing like a mo-fo and will continue through tomorrow and probably beyond.

So, more Nordic skiing may be in my future (actually it is in my future as every Tuesday morning, I wake up when it's still dark and "train" with the Boulder Nordic Sport training group.  It's good fun, I learn a lot and always come home quite tired. Plus there is a dang race I have been convinced to do on Saturday, a 30km, and I have never skied that long of a distance in my life.  Should be interesting).

This brings me to the end of this blog post for the sake of blogging.
Good night.

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Unknown said...

Good luck on Saturday! Hope you have a great time. I am sort of feeling like you are my idol, although you are so much younger than I am. Is it OK to have an idol who is younger? I dunno.

PS---Maybe Lucy knows something about needing to be on the couch, that you don't know!