Thursday, February 23, 2012

Winter Training Camp part deux

Winter Training Camp continues (why not when the food is free, the lodging is free, the company is good, and it is still windy at home).

Day 2 brought more nordic skiing at Devil's Thumb. I brought the Dad along for some fun too.
 I never thought I'd see this while skiing in the woods.

Turns out, due to the beetles and clear cutting, there aren't very many "woods" left. As the wind moved over the divide, and there were no trees to block the wind, the skiing stopped being fun.
Nordic skiing was followed by The Lion King-in an attempt to make my concrete legs feel better by spinning them out on the trainer while watching a movie. It didn't really work as my legs still felt like ass after 30 min of riding.

What really made my legs feel better was pizza. At Hernando's. With the family.
Day 3 of winter training camp brought wind, snow, and cold. My legs recovered over night (nice surprise as I am sleeping and working out at 8,500+ ft) and I was able to get a good trainer workout in the garage--I overheated watching the Lion King the day before and I'm blaming that on why my legs felt like ass. Riding in 20 degrees is far better than 60 degrees and no fan.

Trainer ride was followed by snowshoeing. It was very pretty and peaceful.
The snowshoeing was the end of Winter Training Camp 2012. After snowshoeing, I packed up and headed home. I had a great 3 days in Fraser with my family and doing a bit of "winter training". There's a lot of time for bike riding, might as well enjoy winter while I can.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Winter Training Camp

I like to think I am tough and I like to think I am good at HTFU-ing, but when it comes to wind, I'm done. There is only so much wind a person can handle while bike riding and I have hit my winter limit. When NPR mentioned something about the "wind event" coming to the front range foothills Tuesday-Thursday, I knew that my was que to get outta town.

Most people would go somewhere to ride bikes, but not me this time. I came where I can nordic ski for hours at a time. I came to where the food and lodging is free. I came where I am loved.

Mom and Dad's house right next to Devil's Thumb Ranch.
Day 1 of winter training camp was great.
- weights at the Fraser Rec Center followed by a skate ski at Devil's Thumb followed by dinner, ice cream and cookies. Not bad.

It's nice to be "home" for a few days.
It's nice to see family
It's nice to V2 on the flats for 20 minutes before even going up a hill.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Snow Day

Nordic Ski
Almond milk Cappuccino
Backcountry Ski

Who needs the trainer when you can do all this in one day?

Monday, February 6, 2012

Winter Riding

Winter time is one of my most favorite times of the year to ride. Snow packed roads provide a beauty and peacefulness that you can't find in the summer time. Hot chocolate in the water bottle is a welcome treat during hours at sub freezing temperatures.

Yesterday's ride was a perfect example of how enjoyable winter time riding can be- Sunny skis, brisk temperatures, snow everywhere.
 I saw- snow, ice, a fox, a coyote, horses, alpaca's, goats, snow covered mountains, and 0 other bike riders.

I got- 3 waves, 2 thumbs up, to drink hot chocolate, tired legs, a lack of oxygen (entire ride was above 8,000 ft), to walk through Black Hawk, an abundance of climbing, to practice my snow/ice riding skills, a since of pride that I ride in conditions that not many other people do.

This makes me happy.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Spreading My Wings

At some point, a bird needs to spread it's wings. Fly away. Be free.

For the past few months, I've been feeling like a trapped bird-my wings tied down. Sure, life was OK and I was surviving pretty well, but it was in captivity. I needed to be free.

The one thing stopping me, fear. Captivity is safe. You know you will be fed everyday, you know you will not get eaten, and you know the daily schedule. Freedom is scary. All of a sudden you are responsible for your place to live, your own food, your own schedule. How do you know if you will be able to provide this for yourself?

I took the leap this week. I cut the ropes, spread my wings, and flew away. I feel happy. I feel scared. I feel free and I feel light--it's amazing.

I'm not sure what the future will bring, but I believe. I believe in myself to make things happen. I believe everything works out in the end.

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