Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Winter Training Camp

I like to think I am tough and I like to think I am good at HTFU-ing, but when it comes to wind, I'm done. There is only so much wind a person can handle while bike riding and I have hit my winter limit. When NPR mentioned something about the "wind event" coming to the front range foothills Tuesday-Thursday, I knew that my was que to get outta town.

Most people would go somewhere to ride bikes, but not me this time. I came where I can nordic ski for hours at a time. I came to where the food and lodging is free. I came where I am loved.

Mom and Dad's house right next to Devil's Thumb Ranch.
Day 1 of winter training camp was great.
- weights at the Fraser Rec Center followed by a skate ski at Devil's Thumb followed by dinner, ice cream and cookies. Not bad.

It's nice to be "home" for a few days.
It's nice to see family
It's nice to V2 on the flats for 20 minutes before even going up a hill.

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