Monday, March 31, 2008

Pain cave: Tuscan style

The races this weekend were as hard as the scenery was pretty. To the right were the hills and mountains of Tuscany, to the left was the ocean, and straight ahead were the girls who were trying to put you in the pain cave (they were successful).The first day had hills hard enough I wanted to throw up in my mouth. The second day was hard enough I did throw up in my mouth (and outside of it too for that matter).

Boss Man Jim wanted us to race hard. Get in some breaks and get great training in at the same time. It's hard to get in a break when the race is rolling at 45kph.
The second day, I tried a little late. Mad at myself for starting the climb too far back, I broke away on the descent and got to ride the rest of the race solo; between the first and the second groups. 25km all alone. It was fantastic.... (good TT training at least)
Coming into the finish on day 2, I thought I was going die. Every body part was tired and hurting. However, this feeling of complete exhaustion really was great (after I finally was able to stop riding). I bike race because of this feeling. Knowing I gave it my ALL. Nothing left at the end. Yes, I could have had better tactics, but I did what I could at that moment and I am happy. I also had a great learning opportunity, which better than everything else. Except winning.

Carmen was happy to be finished too.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Chocolate. That must be it. A day after FINALLY being able to eat chocolate (I gave it up for Lent, and then managed to down quite a bit of it on Easter), I got my first World Cup points!!
16th Place! It took me 15 years to get a top 20 in a ski racing World Cup. So, this is pretty dang exciting. I am psyched.

I kept waiting for "them" to go hard. When are they going to go hard? Is this it? Are they going? Oh ouch, it hurts. Maybe it didn't feel all that hard because I was actually patient and didn't ride on the front the entire race. One has more energy when they sit and let others pull them around for a while. Thanks Josh, James, Mike.

We are now back in Lucca and the SUN is out. It's wonderful.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Welcome Back

AAH, Lucca. Home away from home sweet home.
Nice Scenery.
Green mountains.
Clothes waiting for me from last season.
Local coffee roaster.
Food. Yum.

Rain (WHAT!?)
Cold weather (double WHAT!?)
No luggage (Oh man!)
Arione saddle on the spare bike (ouch-ey)

Always seeing something new and interesting (old lady, bicycle, rack, cat in carrying case)
Cyclists everywhere
Nice "non-red neck" drivers

Friday, March 14, 2008

Picture Story

All right. The Drought has come to an end.

Here is the recap, in pictures, of our trip to Australia and New Zealand.
Team USA in front of our Geelong cabin. Preparing for our first "stay left" ride.

Along the ride, we found interesting merchandise for sale.

Before the start of our first race together as a team.
AP, Kat, and Carmen.

Of course, when in Australia, Kangaroo spotting is a must.

After Geelong, we flew to New Zealand. There, we raced a 5 day stage race in and around Wellington.

(ooooo, pretty)

Team USA was treated to an amazing Team Presentation.

First, the teams were introduced.

Then we got a "native" show.
It was super cool.
The best team presentation I have ever been to.

Our first "Kiwi Crit" felt like home...

Then it was off to Team Colavita/Sutter Home women's profession cycling team presented by Cooking Light team camp (phew!). In the snow. Actually it was awesome. It was in Yosemite.

We got to ride our new Jamis' in and around the Valley floor.
El Capitan is on the left, and Half dome is in the back ground.

At the end of team camp, we got to be Cooking Light models. Complete with a stylist. What a neat experience. Look for this photo in the November issue of Cooking Light.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Yes, there has been a blogging drought. I guess I am in trouble now. I made the blog for my Mom and Sister, and recently this is what I have heard;

-Did you get writers block? There is nothing new on the blog for a long time now (The Sister).

-You are home now. That's means you have your camera's download cord, right? But, there's nothing on the blog about your trip (The Mom).

Man, where's the slack? :)

After I finish spending time with Turbo Tax, I promise to update the blog with wonderful pictures and (hopefully) funny words.