Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Yes, there has been a blogging drought. I guess I am in trouble now. I made the blog for my Mom and Sister, and recently this is what I have heard;

-Did you get writers block? There is nothing new on the blog for a long time now (The Sister).

-You are home now. That's means you have your camera's download cord, right? But, there's nothing on the blog about your trip (The Mom).

Man, where's the slack? :)

After I finish spending time with Turbo Tax, I promise to update the blog with wonderful pictures and (hopefully) funny words.

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Anonymous said...

Well, we have been looking at that kangaroo in the shade for a LONG time now!!! We even tried to print that picture so Josephine could take it to show and tell for the letter "K." We had technical difficulties which prompted J to "HAVE A COW!!" So I am ready to look at something else. Taxes, schmaxes!!

From - The Sister