Sunday, February 24, 2008


The 2008 race season has officially begun. Thanks to the Geelong Tour (the shortest stage race ever) and the Geelong World Cup, I have now competed in 4 races. And it was fun. Racing bikes is fun. Plain and simple.

Here are some of the highlights:
-Enough "plunger" coffee in the mugmos to get me jacked for the TT.
-Being reminded as to why I was once called "number 2" on Rio/Sports Garage.
-Ouch, TT's hurt.
-Drinking my first "Tall Back" (two+ shots of espresso).
-Road racing is fun
-The constant hunger that accompanies stage racing.
-Jasper Coffee (it's good stuff).
-FINALLY being able to finish in the front group at a World Cup.
-Katheryn winning the World Cup.
-Learning to speak Australian.
-Packing and getting ready to go to New Zealand.


kennyk said...

Nice work representin' #2! Great job racing...but I'm even more impressed with your love of coffee. Mmmm

Megan said...

Number 2 lives on!!!!