Sunday, February 24, 2008


The 2008 race season has officially begun. Thanks to the Geelong Tour (the shortest stage race ever) and the Geelong World Cup, I have now competed in 4 races. And it was fun. Racing bikes is fun. Plain and simple.

Here are some of the highlights:
-Enough "plunger" coffee in the mugmos to get me jacked for the TT.
-Being reminded as to why I was once called "number 2" on Rio/Sports Garage.
-Ouch, TT's hurt.
-Drinking my first "Tall Back" (two+ shots of espresso).
-Road racing is fun
-The constant hunger that accompanies stage racing.
-Jasper Coffee (it's good stuff).
-FINALLY being able to finish in the front group at a World Cup.
-Katheryn winning the World Cup.
-Learning to speak Australian.
-Packing and getting ready to go to New Zealand.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Interesting Buys

Riding here in Australia always proves to be interesting. For one thing, "stay left" is the common phrase and constant reminder as to which side of the road you are to ride on.

We are always on the lookout for interesting animals that you can not see in the USA (ie Kangaroos). I was lucky to see some Kangaroos last year, so I my Kangaroo seeing urge is satisfied, but it is always neat to see an unexpected animal (as long as it doesn't box you).

Other intesting things you can see (and buy) are poo bags. I have fantastic pictures, but for some reason blogger is not liking my pictures and will not upload them (sorry). For $1 you too can buy a garbage bag filled with pony poo, horse poo or chook (chicken) poo.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Weather Change

Winter, fall, summer, spring. It's getting a little confusing, but it's true. My past 4 bicycle rides have each represented a season. First, was Winter. I pulled out the cross bike for a ride in the snow. The next day, I rode with Josh in what felt like an early fall ride. Much warmer than snowing, but not quite like summer. Then I flew to Australia and yesterday got to ride in 90 degree sunshine. Today was 60 degrees, windy, and raining. Welcome to spring. Everyday has brought about a challenge in the clothing selection. Tomorrow is supposed to be a mix of yesterday (summer) and today (spring). Sprummer...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A cyclist's best friend

The Cross Bike- a nessesary tool for all avid, somewhat crazy, cyclists. It can take you places the road bike wouldn't dare go.

A cross bike can-
ride pavement.
ride dirt.
ride singletrack.
ride jeep track.
Most important of all, a cross bike can ride in the snow.

Mine took me to 9,500ft onto Rollins Pass. It was dirt, it was snowpacked, it had snowpacked wind drifts, and it was filled with washboard goodness (bring on the cobbles!).

Thanks to my cross bike, I got a 3.5 hour, sub freezing temperature, beautiful scenery, one icy crash, bike ride.

It was wonderful!

Thank you trusted Cross Bike.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Skiing 101

After downhill skiing for 23 years straight then quitting cold turkey two years ago, I was worried I might have forgotten how. The truth was, not only had I not missed skiing, I was scared to try. What if I wasn't able ski like I used to? What if I crashed and got injured (this has been known to happen)? What if it wasn't fun?

But the time had come. Nordic skiing wasn't enough. I wanted to go faster, arc "fatties", and feel the wind in my face. The skinny skis weren't doing it for me. It was time to go home.

As I rummaged through the closets at my parent’s house, trying to find stuff to ski in, many memories were brought back. Most of the memories were about how huge and "hulky" I used to be. None of my ski clothes fit me anymore. Man, I had no idea how big 180lbs. was.

I went through the old list in my head:
-helmet, gloves, goggles, boots, bib, back brace. Fortunately I could scratch the last two items (my present list is pretty much the same; helmet, gloves, glasses, shoes, number).

Everything seemed to be accounted for and I was ready, sort of (I was REALLY nervous and almost scratched the entire idea). With The Mom and Josh in tow, I set off on my favorite run, Cramner.

Before I knew it or could even think about it, I was carving sweet turns and it was FUN! Skiing was fun again. It was amazing. Now when I think of skiing, I smile.

With Josh (nice up-the-nose shot), and The Mom My best growing-up ski friend, Mel