Wednesday, November 28, 2012

ALP Cycles

ALP Cycles is officially official! It's pretty cool to have a kit with my name and my business on it- that people are wearing!

The ALP Cycles kit from Pactimo is the best and most comfortable kit I have ever worn.

 Yes, coaching is going well and it makes me happy. Plus, it keeps me motivated and excited to create new workouts (and torture myself with them).

Thank you most awesome ALP Cycles athletes for your continued support and success! Here's to a successful 2013!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Now that I can't, I want to

A funny thing happens when you can't do something- you want to do it.
When you can't have something- you want it.
When you're told you can't - you want to.

Due to a spastic wrist injury sustained last Thursday, I can't ride bikes- and now I want to.

I took at time out in October, but come November, I still wasn't ready to begin training. I started to train anyway. Then came the signs. First, I crashed my CX bike- hard. Then I got major tendonitis in my knee from the gym, and I broke a mtn bike mid ride. The signs were there- it's not time to train yet. It's still time out time. But, I didn't listen. I felt like I needed to begin getting ready for 2013, despite not really being into it.

Then came Thursday's over the bars, lucky to not break my wrist or anything else crash. Now, I have a brace on my right hand and can not ride. If there was snow, I wouldn't be able to ski. The universe sat me down and forced me to rest more. It's perfect actually. Now, I'm hungry to ride, hungry to train, and hungry to get the party started for a successful 2013.

First I have to wait and heal. My wrist is making improvement everyday, but riding is out of the question for another week or so. It's ok, the more I sit out, the hungrier I get.