Friday, September 30, 2011

Because I Can

 I blogged about how cool the leaves are right now in the last blog post. Well, I'm gonna do it again in this post--because I can (it's my blog).
 The leaves seem to be even more pretty this year than last.  I'm trying as best as I can to get out and see them-either by bike or by foot.
 Could this be the future wedding meadow?
Going to Frisco tomorrow and the next day for some more CX racing. Racing CX at high elevation hurts bad. More bad than "normal" CX racing. Be prepared to suffer and cough post race. Hmmm...maybe I need to bring the whiskey?

Good luck to He Who Must Not Be Named in CB tomorrow. He'll be racing for 10ish hours at very high elevation (he'll really need some whiskey).

Monday, September 26, 2011


Right now, for me, is an inspiring time to be on my bicycle. The #1 inspiring reason to ride?
November 3rd 'bow surgery to remove the plate and 11 screws. That mean's forced time off the bike (again). 
#2 reason- CX racing. It's fun, it's hard, and I am a competitive person who likes to win stuff.  I got my first post 'bow break win on Saturday! Feels good to be "back".
 #3 reason- Leaf peeping.  The Aspen are going off right now and in order to see them, you have to get out! Golden Gate State Park yesterday on the 4" squishy bike.
 #3- continued--morning dog walk out of the house.
 #3 continued some more--yep, this is why I like being home so much.
#3 very much more continued--leaf peeping ride tomorrow in to work.  Taking the looooong way in order to peep as much as possible.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


When you miss 3.5 months of racing, you either-
1- forget about it and not race again
2- build up big desire and motivation to race

During my 3.5 months of not racing, first, I experienced #1.  Then I raced a small local race and #2 happened--big time. I like racing. I like how it brings out the best in me and "raises" my game. And, I like to win.

This past Saturday was a Cyclocross race at Valmont Park in Boulder, Colorado. I was super excited to race--not because it was a CX race, but because it was a race that I could do. Yes, I prefer to race skinny tires on the pavement, but that season is over.  So, for now, I'll have to settle for racing in circles on slightly bigger tires on dirt, grass, and pavement.

The race was fun, dramatic (for me), challenging, fun and rewarding (2nd place)-everything a race should be.

Yes, I miss skinny tires, team work, and "playing the chess game" of road racing, but for now, I'm excited for next weekend's CX race.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pretty Epic

This past weekend (Sunday-Monday), I did the second most epic thing on a bike that I've ever done (the first being White Rim with a Bob trailer and ski racer fitness).  MT, Soopa Doopa Toopa, and I rode from our houses to my parents house in Fraser-and back- in two days. Not that big of a deal- right?  Well, no, but it was unknown territory, non of us really knew were we were going, and we had no idea how long it would take.

It was pretty hard.  But it was dang fun!!
Here are some pictures to tell the story
after 2 hrs of climbing and taking my bike on several walks (i.e walking my bike), an innocent looking section of the pipeline that ended up kicking my ass and I had to walk some more.
 Yay the trestles on Rollins Pass. I'm afraid of heights, so MT posed for the photo.
 We made it to the top! MT, AP, Tupa, MT's baby Louise that was found in Nederland
 When we arrived at my parents house, 5 hrs later, we had a celebration waiting for us.
 8:45 am start of day 2
 We got a little turned around getting to Fraser on day 1, so The Mom was ride guide for the first hour or so of day 2. We did not get lost and we rode some sweet, smooth, single track
 Then, our bikes got tired and needed to be walked--again.
 Or carried.
 It's all downhill from here. Day 2 seemed shorter and not as hard.  Probably because we knew what to expect, planned a little better, did not get turned around, and ate leftover pasta at the trestles.
Doing adventures on bikes is fun.  I'm psyched I found friends to adventure with and family to support the adventuring.  Now, I need bed.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Selfish Volunteering

Not to brag, but the last few days have been pretty dang cool.  It's days like these when I am so happy to live the life I live.

Saturday, was the Caribou Classic put on by BMA. I had no idea what it was but they needed "sweepers" (people who follow the ride and make sure all riders finish and clean up the trash on course) so I volunteered.  Mostly, I just wanted to ride some new single track and see what Caribou Ranch looks like (the selfish part).

The event and the riding did not disappoint. A heard of elk watched us start, followed by a loop through the ranch, and eventually up to West Mag for 15 or so miles of single track.

After that section, it was my turn to "sweep". My sweep friend, Jen, was a great companion and explained all kinds of neat stuff as I had never been up the 505.
The top of the 505 trail was beautiful. Well, pretty much any time I see Devil's Thumb I think it's pretty, but this was really worth the climbing.
 Our "sweep" ended at 5pm.  8 hrs in the chamois. I'll admit, it was a long day. Far longer than I anticipated. I was quite tired and hungry when we finished.  But the cool thing about this event was--there was food and beer waiting for us when we finished- at the ranch.

The event was great! I'm so glad I was part of it.  I'll do it again next year for sure.

Monday, September 5, 2011

What are you training for?

I was asked this question last week as I was convincing my FasCat coworker, Peter, that he need to motor pace me.

What am I training for?
Next year.
To be fit again.
So I don't have to suffer so much in the next race I do.
To not get dropped on the weekly mountain bike ride.

You see, riding is much more fun when you are fit. You enjoy the climbs, you ride forever without getting tired, and you don't suffer in criteriums.

This is what I'm training for. Pure bike riding enjoyment.  Ok, yes, I want to win a bike race again soon, too.