Monday, September 26, 2011


Right now, for me, is an inspiring time to be on my bicycle. The #1 inspiring reason to ride?
November 3rd 'bow surgery to remove the plate and 11 screws. That mean's forced time off the bike (again). 
#2 reason- CX racing. It's fun, it's hard, and I am a competitive person who likes to win stuff.  I got my first post 'bow break win on Saturday! Feels good to be "back".
 #3 reason- Leaf peeping.  The Aspen are going off right now and in order to see them, you have to get out! Golden Gate State Park yesterday on the 4" squishy bike.
 #3- continued--morning dog walk out of the house.
 #3 continued some more--yep, this is why I like being home so much.
#3 very much more continued--leaf peeping ride tomorrow in to work.  Taking the looooong way in order to peep as much as possible.

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