Friday, September 30, 2011

Because I Can

 I blogged about how cool the leaves are right now in the last blog post. Well, I'm gonna do it again in this post--because I can (it's my blog).
 The leaves seem to be even more pretty this year than last.  I'm trying as best as I can to get out and see them-either by bike or by foot.
 Could this be the future wedding meadow?
Going to Frisco tomorrow and the next day for some more CX racing. Racing CX at high elevation hurts bad. More bad than "normal" CX racing. Be prepared to suffer and cough post race. Hmmm...maybe I need to bring the whiskey?

Good luck to He Who Must Not Be Named in CB tomorrow. He'll be racing for 10ish hours at very high elevation (he'll really need some whiskey).

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