Friday, August 30, 2013

Changing it up

From a stage race (Elk Grove) to a 7.5hr mtn bike race (Leadville) to a crit (Fort Follies) to 2 European Stage races. This past month has been nothing but interesting--and fun!

I've enjoyed time at home, a vacation with He Who Must Not Be Named, riding mtn bikes, riding road bikes, and riding my TT bike. Though, it was a bit if a shock to the system to go from a 7 hr race to 4 minute intervals behind the moto on my TT bike.

Instead of calling the season over after Elk Grove, I've decoded, after 5 years away, it's time to go back to Europe and see how I fair against the Euros. Hopefully, I'll be better. More confidence, more race savvy-ness, and more maturity.

Thus, I'm on the bus headed to DIA. France first then Italy.
I'm excited.