Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Free Time

It's amazing how much time there is in the day when you aren't spending hours at a time on a bicycle.
When I'm riding and "training", it feels like I am rushing around all day long--from one thing to another to another. I feel lucky when I get a "time out" to chill and eat something.

Yes, my arm is getting better and better. I am able to ride 1 hr on the trainer (yay!) and get back into the gym to work on strength exercises, but I still have all this time in the day and that seems strange. It also seems strange to get other things done- like read a book, bake cookies, muffins, granola (and give them to people instead of eating them), and read up on hobbies (coffee and baking). All this free time has been pretty cool and I feel more "balanced". When you ride bikes and coach bikes for a living, there isn't much balance going on. All bikes all day, every day.

Soon it'll be all bikes all day, every day-- except when I go Nordic skiing and feel like a rebel--but for the time being it feels good to not think about bikes every waking hour of the day.

Friday, November 18, 2011


Arrrrrrm update.
Went to the doc. All looks good. She did a darrrrrn good job. The scarrrrr looks better than it did before.

Tried to ride the trainer. It's farrrrr from feeling good. Guess I'll be hiking more.

Working on getting my range of motion back. Those exercises arrrrre a pain in the arrrrrse. They're farrrrrr from feeling good, but progress is being made.

Apparrrrrrrently I had wishful thinking that the arrrrrrm would feel 100% 2 weeks post surgery. Time to put the patience hat back on.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Surgery Day

Yesterday was surgery day. I got a "free" morning at home as I wasn't to be at the hospital until 11:30am. My "free" time was spent drinking small sips of water, in the form of espresso, till 8:30. Then I dealt with the Passport Curse- the last 2 times my passport expired, that very month, I got injured. I've been putting off renewing the passport due to fear of injury in November 2021, but thought if I renewed it the day I was having surgery, maybe that would end the curse.

JH took me to the hospital, The Mom met me there, and check-in and pre-op began.

Surgery went well. Except for one screw, that the bone had grown around, all hardware was removed.
 The Mom was there to take care of me and ask the doctor all my questions. Seems that post surgery I don't remember much, hence the need to have a person there to listen to and ask the doc questions.

Post surgery, it have been 19 or so hours since I last ate (that must be some sort of record), so they gave me some applesauce and crackers to eat.
 Which I promptly threw up, in the driveway, once I got home.

I took my spot on the little couch, and stayed there for the rest of the evening. Lucy Dog made sure to take good care of me and keep me warm.
Along with the no eating record I set a new "haven't gone pee" record. Something like 9 hours for that record.

What's next? I get to wear my brace (that I had before) for the next 9 days. I'm not allowed to take it off. Then I'll have to work on range of motion (again) and, eventually strength.  No bike riding for the next 2 weeks, and no outside riding for the next 6 weeks, due to chance of falling down--seems I can fall down doing most anything, so not sure why biking riding was singled out.  For now, I'm chillen at home, and enjoying breakfast.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Still Dropped

I continue to be off the back with Blog updates. Life has been a little crazy recently. What did I post about last time? Oh ya, riding road bikes and CX racing. Well, as of Monday, all of that has come to an end.  There's snow outside and I am having surgery on my elbow tomorrow. I'm SO excited to get the hardware outta there. After I recover and heal, I'll be DONE with this elbow injury. Yay!

The last 5 days has been filled with family time (Mom staying while JH is gone), CX racing (9th place 2 days in a row), and doggie watching (letting Lucy Dog break all the rules while JH is gone).

My Halloween Costume pre CX race
 Post race with The Mom. She was The Best Cheerer, period.
Check out this Link to see the Mom in action. It's awesome.
 Lucy Dog looking innocent

Tomorrow, before surgery, I'm not allowed to eat or really drink anything after midnight. Since surgery is at 1:30pm, I'll probably die before I get to the hospital.