Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Still Dropped

I continue to be off the back with Blog updates. Life has been a little crazy recently. What did I post about last time? Oh ya, riding road bikes and CX racing. Well, as of Monday, all of that has come to an end.  There's snow outside and I am having surgery on my elbow tomorrow. I'm SO excited to get the hardware outta there. After I recover and heal, I'll be DONE with this elbow injury. Yay!

The last 5 days has been filled with family time (Mom staying while JH is gone), CX racing (9th place 2 days in a row), and doggie watching (letting Lucy Dog break all the rules while JH is gone).

My Halloween Costume pre CX race
 Post race with The Mom. She was The Best Cheerer, period.
Check out this Link to see the Mom in action. It's awesome.
 Lucy Dog looking innocent

Tomorrow, before surgery, I'm not allowed to eat or really drink anything after midnight. Since surgery is at 1:30pm, I'll probably die before I get to the hospital.

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