Friday, November 4, 2011

Surgery Day

Yesterday was surgery day. I got a "free" morning at home as I wasn't to be at the hospital until 11:30am. My "free" time was spent drinking small sips of water, in the form of espresso, till 8:30. Then I dealt with the Passport Curse- the last 2 times my passport expired, that very month, I got injured. I've been putting off renewing the passport due to fear of injury in November 2021, but thought if I renewed it the day I was having surgery, maybe that would end the curse.

JH took me to the hospital, The Mom met me there, and check-in and pre-op began.

Surgery went well. Except for one screw, that the bone had grown around, all hardware was removed.
 The Mom was there to take care of me and ask the doctor all my questions. Seems that post surgery I don't remember much, hence the need to have a person there to listen to and ask the doc questions.

Post surgery, it have been 19 or so hours since I last ate (that must be some sort of record), so they gave me some applesauce and crackers to eat.
 Which I promptly threw up, in the driveway, once I got home.

I took my spot on the little couch, and stayed there for the rest of the evening. Lucy Dog made sure to take good care of me and keep me warm.
Along with the no eating record I set a new "haven't gone pee" record. Something like 9 hours for that record.

What's next? I get to wear my brace (that I had before) for the next 9 days. I'm not allowed to take it off. Then I'll have to work on range of motion (again) and, eventually strength.  No bike riding for the next 2 weeks, and no outside riding for the next 6 weeks, due to chance of falling down--seems I can fall down doing most anything, so not sure why biking riding was singled out.  For now, I'm chillen at home, and enjoying breakfast.

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Keep on moving forward! :)