Monday, October 14, 2013

2013 XXX Cyclocross Extravaganza

A couple of years ago, for the first XXX, we invited some local Boulder "CX guys", who upon completion of the ride determined it was too hard and too rocky for their delicate bodies and bikes.

They weren't invited this time. Only tough and fun people were invited- i.e.- our friends from not Boulder.
 We made 3 "loops" - each loop being hard, steep, challenging, and fun.

Honey going down Honeybadger. The whoopdies at Valmont are nothing compared to Honeybadger's whoops.

Yep, it was fun. And hard. 4km feet of climbing in 28 miles all above 8,000ft.
 In the end, there were 5 of us left and Ned Brit Peter won the Pink Wool Jersey.
We celebrated at the Double-A with a BBQ, chips, and beer-- and roasted veggies from Tups garden.
The XXX rules. I'm looking forward to the next edition, whenever it happens, and rest assured no softies will be invited.

Tony P, thank you for your really nice comment on my Crit Nats win. You're kicking butt on your bike riding! Keep it up. Keep riding, keep getting healthy, and keep having fun! See ya next year. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Off Season Continues

Is it weird to enjoy the off season so much?
Well, weird or not, I'm happy and having fun.

CX bikes in the snow is Fun! And good for bike handling skills
 Hiking is Fun! Especially with a friend and nice weather.
 Hiking with doggies is Fun!! Even if she barks at all white people.
 Creating a new logo for ALP Cycles Coaching is Fun and Exciting!! We're growing and it's awesome.
 Splitting and stacking wood is... not as much fun but needs to be done (and it helps prevent the off season fat layer from forming on the body). All finished, we have 17 stakes of split wood for this winter. WOW!