Thursday, March 26, 2009

Update...Twitter style

So as to not get busted again (by more people than The Mom) I have decided that today's post will be Twitter style; whether you wanted to know or not.

-Woke up (kind of early today)
-Lay in bed for awhile
-Go poo (not in the bed. I got up and walked to the bathroom)
-Put on chamois and other riding stuff
-Ride my road bicycle on various roads around my host house.
-Eat a banana and drink Gatorade
-Call Josh (he didn't answer, so I left a message)
-Go poo (not in my chamois. I changed into "normal clothes" first. Oh! I did not poo in those clothes either, I walked to the bathroom)
-Drink tea, drink espresso, eat grapefruit, drink more espresso
-Make then eat breakfast (my actual breakfast food is a secret....)
-Talk to Josh on the phone
-Go poo (yep again)
-Walk down and chill with Host Grandma and Host Grandpa
-Make espresso and put it into the Mugmus (for later consumption)
-Brush teeth then try to poo again (not as successful)
-Talked to Josh again (I like him)
-Put chamois back on, pack back-pack with race "stuff" and ride to Prologue start.
-Take TT bike to the "testers" to make sure it passes the rules.
Are you bored yet?
-Drink espresso
-Ride trainer
-Visit the port-o-potty (no poo anymore)
-Change into skin suit
-Drink more espresso
-Ride trainer
-Eat a goo
-Visit the port-o-potty
-Ride trainer
-RACE (I got fourth! I am quite happy with 4th. Amber passed me, as was to be expected. She's fast.)
-Ride back to the start, change out of skin suit and back into chamois.
-Call Josh
-Call James (awesome coach man)
-Call The Mom
-Eat a banana and some "secret recovery bread" (gluten that is what I am now. Soy free too.)
-Ride back to my host house with Veronica. See The Mom and The Dad on the way and chat for a bit.
-Call Josh (I told you I liked him)
-Shower, make lunch, and get picked up to head to the other girl's host house for Internet, rubs and hanging out.
-Eat lunch (leftover dinner from last night. It was yummy)
-Internet time (check e-mail, various websites and UPDATE BLOG).

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Almost two years ago, I created this blog for The Mom and The Sister. Recently, The Mom busted me. "You haven't updated your blog in a long time. You should update it".
"Mom! You know what I have been doing. I've just been at home AND I talk to you every day".

Well, now I have something interesting to write about. I am at green Redlands. Yes, after living in Colorado for so long it is easy to forget that places actually turn green AND have fruit growing on their trees. Yum...

Race day #1 is tomorrow. Awesome Team Type 1 is ready to go to "infinity and beyond!" (our kits look like Buzz Light Year).

There now...Mom, is this an ok update? Not funny enough? Need more information? Oh wait a minute, I just talked to you on the phone telling you I was updating my blog AND I will see you in an hour. So, I guess this will be ok.

If you want more info check out blog. It is FULL of interesting info. Not as much BS as I write here.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Magic Place

There is a magic place around Colorado. Over the years, I have not had a chance to discover this special place. I've been too busy, traveling too much, or too absorbed in whatever I had been up to. But this winter and early spring, I have had a chance to find and enjoy this magic place. This magic place is called "home", and it's really wonderful.

This "home" place has cool things to do:
-ski (nordic and alpine)
-ride bikes (road, cross, mtn, singlespeed and geared)
-other (pilates, work at SG and ski coaching)
-race (nordic, bikes)
-eat at yummy places
-fun coffee shops to visit

This "home" place has cool people to do the cool things with:
-random fun people

Mostly, this "home" place makes me happy. Yes, I started to panic when it seemed everyone was racing or doing things I am usually doing this time of year but then I realized at this magic place called "home" I can do all those things too...AND be happy while doing it. So come late August or September when everyone is tired and burned out, I will be fresh and happy due to being home so much.

It's easy to lose the love of the sport when you have to do it all the time, and you are away from your loved ones, but when you get to step away a bit, you realize how awesome cycling and bike racing is. I'm excited to race, but mostly, I am happy to be home and get fired up.