Sunday, May 30, 2010

Racing and giving back

When I first heard about the Superior Morgal Classic, I thought, "that's cool". After all these years hearing about "the Wall", the Coors Classic and training on the Morgal Bismark loop, we were finally getting a chance to race it.

Then I got an e-mail that said the organization was looking for volunteers for the weekend of races. What better event to volunteer for? A first year, close to home, slightly expensive, if I volunteer it's free, event.

First up was 10am volunteering on Friday. That was to be followed by evening street sprints. So I started the day with some early morning single track with JH. I thought, this is going to be a good day.My 4 hrs of Volunteering proved to be fun and challenged my creative side as Cari Higgins (another local racer) and I helped the lady in charge of the "Art Expo". We hung pictures of a "healthy lifestyle" that local elementary kids had made.
It was only then that I learned our evening sprints had turned into night sprints. Start time, 8:30pm. That, I was not prepared for. I had plans for the weekly get together that happens every Friday night at our association. I had not planned enough food for a day and what was I going to do for the next 5 hours? I thought about bagging the sprints then and there.

Solution-hang out at Cari's house for the afternoon. Nap, chill, drink espresso.
Long story short, I sucked badly at the street sprints. Maybe it was my bad attitude going into the race, or the mtn bike ride in the morning, or a bad warm up, or bad legs, or the fact that despite what I like to think I really am not a very good sprinter. I raced for 25 seconds, got eliminated and went home very upset at the entire situation.

Day #2, Saturday. After a not so great day yesterday, I needed to clear my mind. Again, I took out my mtn bike rode some double track.

After an hour, I felt much better was ready to go race.

The crit was a MUCH better experience for me. I personally did better (3rd) and my teammate, Robin, got won and is now winning the overall going into the Morgal Bismark race today.
After a nice cool down, again it was back to volunteering. I sat as a course marshal and cheered on the boys/men whom I knew were racing.

I've really enjoyed racing and "giving back" to a sport I love so much. Maybe I'll make more of a habit of it.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Three years ago was the first "birthday BAR" (big ass ride). My sister had plans for us to celebrate her birthday by getting together, riding our bikes miles and miles together, then all eating ice cream cake together. The plan worked well and we all had a good time. 10 of us showed up, 100+ miles were ridden, and massive amounts of cake was consumed. It's also a special memory for me as that's when I really got to know and to ride with my BF, JH (I still think he's the best).

For whatever reasons, I skipped the 2008 (racing in Europe) and the 2009 (crit racing) editions of the BAR. This year, however, was not to be missed. It marked a special birthday (one ending in a "0") for my sister and I was actually in town to participate.

The day before, I prepared our ride "fuel" and got ready to ride with people whom I had not seen since the first edition of the BAR.
Coach Richard with the birthday girl, Heidi.
Sister b-day girl, Heidi, filling up with good old Ward H2O after the long climb up Lefthand Canyon (in a gigantic headwind I might add).
The group is happy after the big climb as they know a FUN downhill is right around the corner.
Pretty views on the Peak to Peak Highway.
Due to the strong winds and the lack of need/desire to ride our bikes 100+ miles, we decided to cut this year's BAR short (it was more of a MAR/medium ass ride). It didn't matter. We all got to ride and to enjoy each other's company. Isn't that what riding bikes is about anyway? Not how long you go, but how much fun was had? Quality over quantity.

No matter how far we did or didn't ride, the post ride cookies still tasted good.
HAPPY 40TH HEIDI! Thanks for inviting us to share your special day with you!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Picture Summary

The past three weeks have been busy with traveling and racing. Here are some of the picture highlights.

In Silver City, Alex and I had the best host house I have ever stayed at. Our "host parents" Gary and Sally were absolutely amazing and the house they built is a dream come true. Gary had a dream house in mind, complete with solar power and perfectly sized rooms, and he built it. It was cool. They cooked dinner for us every night, and made us feel comfortable and at home.Thanks to the Pinole and the Gluten Free pizza Sally fed us, I won the Gila TT.From there, it was a long, long drive to Fayetteville, Arkansas for the Joe Martin Stage Race.
I was lucky enough to be on the cover of the "Race Bible" for this years edition of the JMSR.
Our Host Parents in Fayetteville had a crazy cat named Marshall. He got in a kitty fight, and got wounded.Kitty from the other house, stayed inside and stayed fight free.The last day of the JMSR, the crit, is my most favorite race of the year. Though they changed the course this year, (I prefer the previous years course) it still was a fun race. Here's what the finish hill looks like.A fun party, put on by our host parents that night, was a welcome releif to the "bike racer life" I had been living for the past three weeks.

Now I am at home, and this afternoon, it started to snow. It has not yet stopped.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cinco de Mayo

While our friends, host parents and the rest of the world, drank Margaritas and celebrated Cinco de Mayo, we here at Team Vera Bradley Foundation, went to Hobby Lobby to pick out T-shirts and decorations to make our "official team clothing".We puffy painted, spray painted, and finger painted our way to "beautiful" team shirts. Pictures will follow as they needed more time to dry.

Then, on Seis de Mayo, we raced our road bikes at the Joe Martin Stage Race Time Trial. Robin and Alex were super excited about this stage of the race.
Tomorrow, on Del Mes de Mayo, we'll again race our road bikes. But this time, it will be in the second stage of the Joe Martin Stage Race. A 69 mile rolling hills race that ends with two little "cock puncher" climbs.

That's all for now!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


From Silver City, New Mexico to Fayetteville, Arkansas. From one stage race to another stage race. From one host house to another host house. Same people, same show, different location.

Robin and I post Gila Monster Stage

Most awesome guest rider, Anne-Slam, post Gila Monster Stage
Gila Monster Podium (Mara Abbott, Cath Cheatley, AP)

First bike ride in Fayetteville. Notice the flags on the left. I thought we left the wind in Silver City.
Aussie Alex happy to sit behind in the head wind.

First team dinner in Fayetteville. Peanut sauce glaore (otherwise known as Thai food).

Aussie and Robin showing us how bike riders do a rope swing.

Racing continues on Thursday with the Joe Martin Stage Race.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lack of posting

My lack of "blogging" is not because there's nothing going on. It's not because I don't have internet, and it's not because all my fingers fell off and I don't know how to type with my toes.

My lack of "blogging" is 60% lack of inspiration and 40% laziness. Mostly, of the three people who inspire me to blog, two are traveling and not looking at the internet and the third, probably doesn't give a crap what I'm doing now anyway (and she forgets about the blog).

So, that leaves me with lack luster motivation for typing about myself. BUT, I do know other people who sometimes check out my blog and, to you guys, I'm sorry I have not been updating it during the week of racing.

This leads me to the 40% laziness part of my excuse.

I'm here in Silver City, NM, racing the Tour of the Gila, and I'm pretty dang tired. Each day has been hard racing and long days, filled in with eating, sleeping and making sure the couch doesn't go anywhere. Internet time has been slim as I lay around trying to feel better from the day of racing (plus my host Dad gave me a great book to read about Mexican runners that I'm totally digging).

Readers Digest update-
Day 1- raced uphill and got 5th (4 VERY skinny girls then me). Not bad but 3.5 minutes off the winner.
Day 2- WINDY! Hauled ass down a 3 mile decent and was in a break with two teammates and two Colavita's. VERY tired at the end of that day. Vitamin "I" was my friend.
Day 3- Time Trial- Got first place, now second GC. Totally tired now. Nice dinner with a friend and his wife in their "nicer than my house" RV.
Day 4- Today. Lazy in bed, trainer, coffee, breakfast, and now, catching up on internet-ing.
Later today is the crit, then tomorrow's final stage here at Gila.

I think tonight is Gluten Free pizza night here at Most Awesome Host House I've Ever Stayed At. I'm looking forward to it.

For now.