Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Three years ago was the first "birthday BAR" (big ass ride). My sister had plans for us to celebrate her birthday by getting together, riding our bikes miles and miles together, then all eating ice cream cake together. The plan worked well and we all had a good time. 10 of us showed up, 100+ miles were ridden, and massive amounts of cake was consumed. It's also a special memory for me as that's when I really got to know and to ride with my BF, JH (I still think he's the best).

For whatever reasons, I skipped the 2008 (racing in Europe) and the 2009 (crit racing) editions of the BAR. This year, however, was not to be missed. It marked a special birthday (one ending in a "0") for my sister and I was actually in town to participate.

The day before, I prepared our ride "fuel" and got ready to ride with people whom I had not seen since the first edition of the BAR.
Coach Richard with the birthday girl, Heidi.
Sister b-day girl, Heidi, filling up with good old Ward H2O after the long climb up Lefthand Canyon (in a gigantic headwind I might add).
The group is happy after the big climb as they know a FUN downhill is right around the corner.
Pretty views on the Peak to Peak Highway.
Due to the strong winds and the lack of need/desire to ride our bikes 100+ miles, we decided to cut this year's BAR short (it was more of a MAR/medium ass ride). It didn't matter. We all got to ride and to enjoy each other's company. Isn't that what riding bikes is about anyway? Not how long you go, but how much fun was had? Quality over quantity.

No matter how far we did or didn't ride, the post ride cookies still tasted good.
HAPPY 40TH HEIDI! Thanks for inviting us to share your special day with you!

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