Sunday, May 30, 2010

Racing and giving back

When I first heard about the Superior Morgal Classic, I thought, "that's cool". After all these years hearing about "the Wall", the Coors Classic and training on the Morgal Bismark loop, we were finally getting a chance to race it.

Then I got an e-mail that said the organization was looking for volunteers for the weekend of races. What better event to volunteer for? A first year, close to home, slightly expensive, if I volunteer it's free, event.

First up was 10am volunteering on Friday. That was to be followed by evening street sprints. So I started the day with some early morning single track with JH. I thought, this is going to be a good day.My 4 hrs of Volunteering proved to be fun and challenged my creative side as Cari Higgins (another local racer) and I helped the lady in charge of the "Art Expo". We hung pictures of a "healthy lifestyle" that local elementary kids had made.
It was only then that I learned our evening sprints had turned into night sprints. Start time, 8:30pm. That, I was not prepared for. I had plans for the weekly get together that happens every Friday night at our association. I had not planned enough food for a day and what was I going to do for the next 5 hours? I thought about bagging the sprints then and there.

Solution-hang out at Cari's house for the afternoon. Nap, chill, drink espresso.
Long story short, I sucked badly at the street sprints. Maybe it was my bad attitude going into the race, or the mtn bike ride in the morning, or a bad warm up, or bad legs, or the fact that despite what I like to think I really am not a very good sprinter. I raced for 25 seconds, got eliminated and went home very upset at the entire situation.

Day #2, Saturday. After a not so great day yesterday, I needed to clear my mind. Again, I took out my mtn bike rode some double track.

After an hour, I felt much better was ready to go race.

The crit was a MUCH better experience for me. I personally did better (3rd) and my teammate, Robin, got won and is now winning the overall going into the Morgal Bismark race today.
After a nice cool down, again it was back to volunteering. I sat as a course marshal and cheered on the boys/men whom I knew were racing.

I've really enjoyed racing and "giving back" to a sport I love so much. Maybe I'll make more of a habit of it.

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