Wednesday, May 5, 2010


From Silver City, New Mexico to Fayetteville, Arkansas. From one stage race to another stage race. From one host house to another host house. Same people, same show, different location.

Robin and I post Gila Monster Stage

Most awesome guest rider, Anne-Slam, post Gila Monster Stage
Gila Monster Podium (Mara Abbott, Cath Cheatley, AP)

First bike ride in Fayetteville. Notice the flags on the left. I thought we left the wind in Silver City.
Aussie Alex happy to sit behind in the head wind.

First team dinner in Fayetteville. Peanut sauce glaore (otherwise known as Thai food).

Aussie and Robin showing us how bike riders do a rope swing.

Racing continues on Thursday with the Joe Martin Stage Race.

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