Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Picture Summary

The past three weeks have been busy with traveling and racing. Here are some of the picture highlights.

In Silver City, Alex and I had the best host house I have ever stayed at. Our "host parents" Gary and Sally were absolutely amazing and the house they built is a dream come true. Gary had a dream house in mind, complete with solar power and perfectly sized rooms, and he built it. It was cool. They cooked dinner for us every night, and made us feel comfortable and at home.Thanks to the Pinole and the Gluten Free pizza Sally fed us, I won the Gila TT.From there, it was a long, long drive to Fayetteville, Arkansas for the Joe Martin Stage Race.
I was lucky enough to be on the cover of the "Race Bible" for this years edition of the JMSR.
Our Host Parents in Fayetteville had a crazy cat named Marshall. He got in a kitty fight, and got wounded.Kitty from the other house, stayed inside and stayed fight free.The last day of the JMSR, the crit, is my most favorite race of the year. Though they changed the course this year, (I prefer the previous years course) it still was a fun race. Here's what the finish hill looks like.A fun party, put on by our host parents that night, was a welcome releif to the "bike racer life" I had been living for the past three weeks.

Now I am at home, and this afternoon, it started to snow. It has not yet stopped.

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Sarah said...

Wow, it's neat that we are one of your favorite races of the year! Hopefully next year no show at WAC so you can go back to the old course. I was getting into cycling before but now I am REALLY excited about it. really neat to watch you all. Makes me want to get good at riding my new bike (which is a Specialized for the record :) ).